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The post-election celebration in Etobar

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In «Etobar», September 24, 2017, held before the feast of the media community "Nastasia party", which was summed up the contest of political journalists. The materials were taken within the last six weeks. Participated in the contest of journalistic work, which was devoted to the September elections.

In addition to journalism, on the occasion raised the subject of charity. Charitable Foundation "Myrgrad" during the event held to collect donations in favor of the cats. Anyone could take one of three kittens who also visited the event. As a result, two kittens, they found their masters and after the holiday went not in "Myrgrad", and in their new homes.

The occasion brought together about 150 journalists, technologists, winning and losing candidates in deputies of the legislative Assembly and the state Duma, political activists, etc. the event was organized by journalist, chief editor of "Spirituality" Oleg Mukhin.

The results of the last post-election celebration 24.09.2017 on which our Foundation Myrgrad presented the wards with the kittens. Two of the four kids have found a family ! Born in the gutter in one of the abandoned military units of Petersburg, the kittens have come a long way to finding a home. Special thanks to the organizer post-election celebration in the format of literary-musical party "Nastasia party" Oleg Mukhin, who helped not only in word but in deed, and also a big thank you to Atbara for your warmth and good heart ! Thank you all !! God helps by human hands, remember that ! Kindness always comes back !

Point Myrgrad

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