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About Us

Our team is created by very talented people, and they all share one thing: Love of animals!


Our Team

Kameneva Elena Ivanovna

Fund Director

About Us

The founder of the charitable programs and projects of the fund, the ideological inspirer.

Zabaldin Sergey Vladimirovich

Director's Council








 Development of the strategy and development plan of the Foundation. Management of business processes of the Fund. Drawing up reports.

Rizhkov Ivan Arkadievich


About Us

Expert in public relations. Planning of individual stocks and events, with a budgetary justification for each action.

Bikov Ivan Aleksandrovich


About Us

Technical support of the work of the fund, events, festivals. Organization and control of the construction of the shelter.


The Russian city of St. Petersburg is located in the north-western part of the country. Knowingly it is called the northern capital. This name helps to understand exactly where on the map of the Russian Federation is the region and the city itself. St. Petersburg has a unique geographical location. The city is on the coast of the Gulf of Finland and at the mouth of the Neva River. Coordinates of the city (Central region) - 59 ° 93 's. w. 30 ° 35 'in. e.

Myrgrad Cheritable Foundation 192284 St. Petersburg, Kupchinskaya St., 4-3 Contact us

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