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Должны же коты во что-нибудь верить

Pet Store "Wooly"

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The Pet Store "Wooly"

Web: http://sherwool.ru


You always wanted to help homeless animals, but there was no time, money, opportunity? Or you just did not know where to turn to? In addition to us with you, the support of the tailed and mustached spottes who got into trouble is not someone ... Have you dreamed of purchasing goods for your pet and at the same time helping homeless animals? Now you can give support to our needy brothers less without additional costs! The first charitable pet shop "Sherstyanoy" was created specifically to help animals in trouble. You buy from us goods for your pet, and we share the proceeds with animal shelters. Also you can buy in our store products for those in need of this facility. And we will give it in good paws! In "Woolen" you will find quality products for your pet at a bargain price! You can simultaneously provide it with everything you need and give a piece of kindness to those who are unlucky in this world. Join us! Help the homeless animals and make the world better!

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