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Должны же коты во что-нибудь верить


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MyrGorod is the first mobile city to accommodate homeless kittens and cats in an urban environment.

Myrgorod will be exhibited every month in any convenient building and district, be it a shopping, entertainment or sports center. It will not be a problem to install this mobile complex, where cats and kittens will feel comfortable and safe and will be able to find a family. For cats, special protected places will be equipped so that the animals do not run away and they can communicate with them. The town will also be surrounded by a high safety fence. We hope to find like-minded people here who will help realize our dream. Those who love and worry for homeless animals understand that the most important thing in life for them is to find a family and a house. We decided to shorten this difficult path in search of a loving family and only thanks to your help, Myrgorod will be able to open the doors for all homeless cats and cats. Now, wishing to have an animal, it will be enough to get to MyrGorod in your area and choose a kitten, communicating with him in a cozy and warm atmosphere. Every child who does not have the opportunity to play with the kitten at home can get to the fairy-tale city of cats and communicate with fluffy residents.  We want our project for everyone, be it children or adults, helped to open their hearts, feel themselves truly alive.

In addition to the important meaningful goal of providing an opportunity for homeless animals to find a family, it is also important to make it clear to the residents of the city how our presence in the life of furry friends is necessary and how much we need them !!! Help to animals is not some kind of utopia, but an absolutely real opportunity for kittens and cats to find a family and a house. 

It is no secret to anyone that animals sometimes melt even the coldest hearts. Let these nice creatures show you and your children a real life without falsehood, where for the kindness, care and affection will be answered the same, sincerely and honestly. We were all taught that the strong must help the weak, so let us adhere to this truth.

The life activity of the "MyrGorod" project will have a positive impact on the culture as a whole and after touching the mission of the project, the heart of each family will help to increase love around the world. And homeless animals will have a chance to find a reliable home.

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