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Должны же коты во что-нибудь верить


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Kotograd is a territory of love and kindness.

Project Cotograd \"Myrland\" is the world\'s first innovative cat\'s recreation and recreation park, a kind of cat Disney Land where you can spend time with friends and family, walk along the green alleys and listen to the noise of fountains, communicate with fluffy residents - cats. In \"Myrland\" will be held various festivals, exhibitions, fairs of folk crafts, theatrical performances and concerts. The concept is based on the humanistic idea of ​​love for pets. It is to the cats, the treatment of the objects of the park is devoted to them that the visitor, in addition to rest and entertainment, could also be imbued with love for nature and for our smaller brothers. Everyone will be able to observe the life of cats, get into recreation areas and communicate with cats, if possible, take home a new friend. One of the priority tasks of the project is the creation of a socio-economic cat policy. In the center of Kotograd \"Myrland\" will be located the area. Kuklachev with a branch of the State Theater of Cats Yuri Kuklachev, Honored Artist of Russia, where the programs of the world\'s main cat will be implemented.

Location: St. Petersburg

Members of the Organizing Committee:

Elena Kameneva-Stein - the founder of \"Myrlandia\"

Kuklachev Yuri Dmitrievich - People\'s Artist of the RSFSR, Head of the State Theater of Cats

Abramenko Alexander Olegovich - Head of the Municipal District Krasnenkaya River, deputy.

Viktor Ivanovich Tikhomirov is an artist who belongs to the well-known informal association of artists of St. Petersburg \"Mitki\". Member of the Union of Artists Rossii.Viktor Tikhomirov - a famous writer, screenwriter, starred in a number of art paintings. As a director he made 15 films. Heads the jury of the competitions of the project MURLANDIA ART AND ABC PROJECTS.

Sergei Nikolaevich Chigrakov is a Soviet and Russian musician, songwriter, poet, singer and guitarist. Founder and leader of the rock band \"Chizh & Co\".

Korovin Igor Vladimirovich - Head of staff UNARMIA.

Ryzhkov Ivan Arkadevich - deputy. Director of the International Contest-Festival of Children and Youth Creativity \"Transformation\".

Razhivina Ekaterina Gennadievna - Director of the International Contest-Festival of Children and Youth Creativity \"Transfiguration\". President of Bineval Charitable Foundation.

The project partner is the charitable pet shop \"Wooly\".

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