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Должны же коты во что-нибудь верить

Become a Partner

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 ecoming a partner is easy !

1. You can become an affiliate of the Fund: - You can place a donation box and advertising table-tent Fund The partner is assigned the status "Partner of the Charity Fund Morgrad", with a certificate of partnership;

              2. You can become an official partner of the Foundation: - providing financial assistance on a regular basis or participating in full implementation in a particular program Fund. For example, offsetting the costs of holding an event in the framework of the project Fund. - providing material assistance in the form of goods and services to the extent necessary for the implementation of specific programs of the Foundation. The official partner is granted the status of "Official Partner of the Charity Fund Morgrad" , with a certificate of partnership; - provides the possibility of placing the advertising banner of your organization on the home page of Foundation website - the opportunity to distribute your promotional materials at events Fund - information and logo placed on Foundation website in the unit Partners with the transition to your organization's website.

                If you decide to partner with our Foundation to contact us by email or by phone:


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