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Должны же коты во что-нибудь верить

Become a Guardian

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If you are one of those people who dream to have a cat/the cat, but do not have the opportunity, You or Your friends, relatives can become a guardian of one or more animals of the shelter. All our cats want is love and affection, and You have to have a pet do not allow living conditions, busy schedule, pet allergies, or You have a pet, but You would like another one. 

         If there is such, then we want to offer you to become a guardian, and partly to pay for the upkeep of the animal wards in the amount of 1500 RUB. per month. For this You have to choose each of our wards and if You can spare the time to come to the shelter and care of animals ( change of litter to monitor the cleanliness of ears, to play) and try to find the animal a safe house. And to help us in the maintenance of this animal. You can come to the shelter or to choose another photo under.

         The guardian of a cat or kitten may be one or more people (relatives, friends), as well as any organization. If You decide to become a friend to one of our Pets, then write all Your questions on the feedback form and come meet us:

          Feedback Form

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