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Должны же коты во что-нибудь верить

Become a Volunteer

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he help and support of volunteers indispensable. Each volunteer is a friend of the Foundation. Volunteerism has no age and it is driven by one thing - to bear in this world love, care and kindness. The world needs people gratuitously sacrificed for a good cause. We ask everyone who has a small amount of time for assistance. We have a SMS-mailing to the volunteers that the coordinators write requests for a certain type of help.It is very convenient because you can immediately see what days your help is needed. The newsletter comes daily SMS/WhatsApp message.

            To volunteer Fund Morgrad choose your activity and complete the application. After that, you will be contacted by Foundation staff and invited to an interview. Then you can start volunteer work:

              1. The volunteers in shelters Volunteering at shelters is aimed at caring for animals and assisting in the construction of shelters. Area of work: - visit the animals in the shelter, animal care, animal pristroystvo - help in construction of shelters both his hands and with the help of the organizations involved;

              2. Gratuitous provision of professional services : Often emergency and skilled care depends very much. The Fund needs help: - A lawyer. In resolving legal issues for the Fund Photographers - Video operators and Directors for filmed commercials. - Drivers - Veterinarians - Builders Journalists Translators - And many other

               If you are ready a few hours a week to devote aid Fund and is ready to become our professional volunteer, we hope and happiness waiting for you!

              Help to the Fund in the conduct of charitable campaigns and events: Charity events - one way interactive to attract the attention of a wider audience to important issues and to get her to participate. Events can be held in the form of tea parties, seminars, Lunches, meetings over coffee, sales of goods, Cycling, theatre, dance evenings, shows and Charity events etc. are organized to: - to give joy to animals in need of care and assistance to create a cozy and conducive environment for participants - as you can tell more about on-going project of the Foundation and to involve in the implementation of the participants.

              Information support of the Fund: Also the Foundation needs information support information campaign among colleagues in the office/at work - placement of advertising flyers, banners, modules, magazines, posters, at events, public places. - promotion of information about the Fund in the media (radio, TV, outdoor advertising, Internet).

                If you decide to participate in this project fill out this form:

                Feedback Form

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