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Должны же коты во что-нибудь верить



NOTE, this information applies to all visitors of the site.

1. All site content Myrgrad.Foundation CF "Myrgrad" is protected by intellectual property laws (including copyright laws). Copying, reproduction, distribution, republication (in whole or in part), reproduce or otherwise use any material from the site (software or web pages), design, as well as fragments thereof, without the prior consent of the copyright holder is not allowed. Any violation will be prosecuted on the basis of Russian and international law.

2. The installation of links on page is not a violation of the rights of the author of the website "Internet and law" (and does not require approval).

3. The use of materials. Posted materials You can copy, strictly for personal use for personal (home) use. They can't be used for other purposes, including but not limited to: for publication in printed and/or electronic media to embed on any website or otherwise contributing to (or preventing) access to information by third parties. Copying any material of the site, you agree that you will keep its integrity, I agree not to violate (and do not contribute to the violation of) rights of the author and are doing this solely for personal purposes. All other actions will be considered as violation of the rights.

4. This text appears on every page of CF "Myrgrad", so the author believes that informed the site visitors about their rights and warned about the negative consequences of their violation.

Sincerely yours, Director CF Morgrad E.I. Kameneva

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