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Должны же коты во что-нибудь верить

About The Fund

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Foundation Myrgrad created in 2016 by the artist E. I. Kameneva-Stein. Based on the creation of organizations formed her personal life principles: compassion, mercy and justice. It is no secret that the willingness to sacrifice their own interests in the name of justice or compassion is regarded as the most important quality of a person's identity. Animals, in our cruel world have the same needs for food, shelter, protection and people.

The Mission Of The Foundation:

The Foundation organizes assistance to the homeless animals. The most important thing in the lives of homeless cats and dogs find a home (beсome a domestic). This is one of the main goals - increase the number of shelters. At the household and governmental level we have programmes for the eradication of cruelty towards those who need help. Help or you'll be late!

Key and priority programme Fund (on the basis of each animal - master and Dom):

1. Construction of a shelter "Villa-Cats". On the territory laid two foundations is in full swing the construction of the fence height of 3 meters with protective. Meanwhile, the wards of the Foundation animals live in temporary places while waiting for permanent house "Villa-Cats". On-site shelter is scheduled 4 cat's house where Pets will never be kept in airless cells, and to walk freely on the site and delight guests and visitors of the shelter;

2. "Overexposure" and the treatment of animals. Accommodation for the temporary accommodation of lost and abandoned animals, and animals after surgery. Treatment, sterilization, restore the weakened animals;

3. Search for owners of lost Pets and new owners for homeless animals. Placing information in the media, on the website, search by volunteers.

Additional programs of the Foundation:

1. The Project "Myrgorod". Myrhorod - the first mobile camp for placement of homeless kittens and cats in the urban environment. Myrhorod will be exhibited each month in any building area, whether it is shopping, entertainment or sports center. No problem to install this mobile complex, where cats and kittens will feel comfortable and safe and will be able to find a family. For cats will be equipped with special secure places, so the animals didn't run away and they could communicate. In addition to an important useful purpose of enabling homeless animals to find a family, it is also important to make it clear to residents how necessary our presence in the life of furry friends and how much we needed them.

2. Innovative project Kotograd "MYRLANDIA". Project Kotograd "MYRLANDIA" is a world-first innovative cat Park of culture and rest, a kind of feline Disney Land, where you can pleasantly and with advantage to spend time with family and friends, stroll through the green lanes and listen to the sound of the fountains mingle with the furry residents – cats. "MYRLANDIA" will host various festivals, exhibitions, fairs of crafts, theatrical performances and concerts;

3. Internet-project "Save a life". Traditional creative competition on the theme "helping animals". The purpose of disclosure of creative potential and for the preservation and promotion of cordial relations to homeless animals, creating the circle (environment) for the development and exchange of experience in the field of homeless animals;

4. International exhibition-gallery "MYRLANDIA Art". "MYRLANDIA Art" - charity exhibition-sale of pictures. ARLANDIA Art is organized and conducted Charity Fund "Myrgrad" to help the animals (with the support of International competition of children's and youth creativity "Transformation") with the aim of realizing creative potential in children and youth, as well as for the preservation and promotion of cordial relations to homeless animals, creating the circle (environment) for the development and exchange of experience in the field of homeless animals.

The Foundation also works in partnership programs (with the purpose of raising funds), for applications needing search volunteers and guardians.

All necessary information is posted in more detail in the relevant sections of the website.

Foundation Details:

Bin 1167800054355, registration date 31.08.2016 INN 7816337065, CAT 781601001.

Main activity: 64.99.6 Activities for mutual financial assistance

Location address: Kupchinskaya str., 4, korp.3 Saint-Petersburg, 192284 Russian Federation.

Contacts: Phone +7(812) 666-13-65, e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. web myrgrad.foundation

R/Sch. 40703810803000000262, Branch "Severnaya Stolitsa" JSC "Raiffeisenbank"

SWIFT RBZMRUMM BIK 044030723, to/Sch. 30101810100000000723

Director Of The Fund: Kameneva Elena Ivanovna

The Board: Kameneva, E. I. and Matveev Andrey Vladimirovich

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